The Case for Pala

The Case for Pala

Case Furniture’s Pala Table is a potent symbol for the continually blurred lines between life and work.

Case Furniture Pala Table front view with chair and work items including laptop on desk

Crafted of solid oak, the lightweight piece helps users to do both. With regard to the former, it functions as a dressing table; for the latter, a streamlined desk.

Case Furniture Pala Table as dressing table with mirror and other personal items

Pala achieves this dual functionality with a couple of cool, quick adjustments: removable magnetic panels, a detachable mirror, and a slim drawer with an integrated divider for small item storage.

Case Furniture Pala Dressing Table with view of vanity storage and interior of drawer

It also simply sports the right proportions for this symbiosis. With “integrated storage and a flexible configuration, Pala is a suitable choice for those tight on space.”

Case Furniture Pala Table with mirror; compartments closed and nothing on desk

Pala is designed by Sarah and Henrik Böttger. For more work by the Böttgers see Studio Böttger. And go to Case Furniture for more on Pala.

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