Karim Rashid, master of the plastic fantastic, is hooked on Hook, his very own workspace collection for Newform Ufficio, which he recently selected to outfit his very own Karim Studio.

 desk and chairs
Studio de Karim Rashid à NYC

Looking at Hook, I can’t help but think that Karim and Elton John should collaborate. Certainly the Elton of outsized neon sunglasses and sequined Dodger uniforms would have great appreciation for the translucent polychromatic stylings of Hook.

Karim Rashid Hook Workspace Collection desks and different chairs

Once one sees beyond the bubble gum pinks and cerulean blues and vivid pea greens, there’s a pretty nifty modular workspace collection to be found. Hook features spacious worktops, semi-transparent screen dividers, movable drawers and filing shelves, and of course the namesake overhanging LED module that illumines the entire surface while remaining discretely out of the way.

Karim Rashid Hook Workspace Collection front view of desk with curved LED

It’s a very arresting contribution to the continuing compromise between open and private. Exactly the opposite of the conventional “small and dark office, with sad photos hanging on brown walls,” Hook is enlivening and energizing, “a positive, fresh environment, where creativity and energy help to create equally creative and energetic projects.”

Karim Rashid Hook Workspace Collection office workers in Karim Studio

See Newform Ufficio for more.

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