New Flights of Fancy with Woodendot’s Alada

New Flights of Fancy with Woodendot’s Alada

“Ala” is Spanish for “wing,” so “Alada,” Woodendot’s new folding desk, might loosely be translated as “take flight.”

Alada desk in natural with phone and tablet on it near chair with a blanket draped over it

As a metaphor for freedom, Flight is apt because the space-saving desk will help you streamline and clear out clutter, but it also evokes the movement of this clever convertible piece, which is modeled on a bird’s flapping wings.

desk with open book, view from above

And Alada isn’t only a desk. When placed in the upright (storage) position, it becomes an elegant shelf with a secret hidden slot for storing notebooks, desk accessories, even your laptop or iPad.

Alada shelf in natural

Alada also conceals its function with discretely hidden hardware for a “timeless folding desk that allows you to take the most advantage of your space.”

Alada desk side view in shelf position natural

Made of solid oak and ash/oak plywood, Alada is available in four finishes: natural, white pigmented, white, and black.

Black floating desk with magazine and candle

Find out more at Woodendot.

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