Get Euphoric with Aimée Wilder’s Eudaimonia

Get Euphoric with Aimée Wilder’s Eudaimonia

Aimée Wilder’s Eudaimonia textile collection is based on the theme of the interplay of opposites, “born through finding balance and stability in my own life.”

Aimée Wilder's Eudaimonia textiles Pyramide Wallpaper orange

The word, of Greek origin, references harmony and stability, concepts that Wilder explores in her three iterations: Pyramide du Soleil, Earthlight, and Eclipse.

Aimée Wilder's Eudaimonia textile collection Earthlight Wallpaper black/white

Wilder’s designs look at dualities and the challenge posed (and harmony achieved) when opposing concepts are balanced; thus, Pyramide integrates pyramids and circles as representations of the interplay between sun and moon.

Aimée Wilder's Eudaimonia textiles Pyramide fabri

Likewise, Earthlight explores the celestial phenomena of the same name, in which light reflected from the earth illuminates the (typically) dark side of the moon.

Aimée Wilde'sr Eudaimonia textiles Earthlight Fabric Brown

And Eclipse is a graphical representation of this rarefied event.

Aimée Wilder's Eudaimonia textiles Eclipse Rug

Eudaimonia fabrics are a commercial-grade rayon-cotton-nylon blend that exceeds 50,000 rubs; the wallpaper is printed on FSC-certified paper; and the rugs are made of Tibetan or Nepalese wool or silk. See Aimée Wilder for additional information. And check out Designer Pages Media for more products featuring celestial phenomena.

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