Kyle Bunting’s Stunning Atlas Collection

Kyle Bunting’s Stunning Atlas Collection

In addition to suggesting a compendium of human knowledge, the term “Atlas” connotes formidable strength, the kind required to support the heavens, in fact, and the personage who had to bear this burden.

Atlas Collection Round reds, blues, gray border view from above with Douglas Friedman lying on rug

The evocation of rugged masculinity is apt for the collaboration between master of hair-on-hide, Kyle Bunting, and famed photographer Douglas Friedman, who spent time together “shooting guns; talking about art, music, and Texas; shooting more guns; and drinking tequila.”

Image of landscape around Marfa, Texas with barbed wire fence, sagebrush, and sandy hills in the distance

Atlas is a collection of custom rugs, but more than that it’s the artistic output of the above meeting of the minds, for Bunting designed it as a reflection of and tribute to Friedman’s aesthetic, as expressed in the interior and exterior of the photographer’s picturesque ranch located in the vast and spare terrain around Marfa, Texas.

Atlas Collection dining room with rug and large rectangular table with chairs covered in shaggy animal skin and view of desert outdoors

The Atlas collection captures the clash between, and unlikely synchrony of, Friedman’s ranch and the surrounding desert landscape. Just so, dynamic geometric shapes and splashes of hyper-real color —reflective of the land’s different hues in the changing light—imbue these deeply textured rugs.

Atlas Collection overhead partial shot of rug with dark tones, blue, black, white, and yellow

And every rug tells a story, highlighting the curios and relics that reflect Friedman’s varied tastes and extensive travels—“balancing minimalism against the playful and lavish aesthetic dramatically displayed in the photographer’s eclectic Texas retreat.”

Atlas Collection living room with very large square rug with muted tones in living room with large black sofa, black chairs, and bookcase off to the side

The rugs are available in square, rectangular, and circular profiles, in a variety of dimensions and colors. See Kyle Bunting to find out more about the Atlas Collection.

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