French Dot by Nama Rococo

French Dot by Nama Rococo

Based on the artwork of Karen Combs, Nama Rococo produces hand-painted, hand-printed, large-format wallcovering so unique "it's almost unfair to call it 'wallpaper'." French Dot is a favorite, with its whimsical composition, bright colors, and organic flora and fauna.


Exclusively available in sheets of 25 x 38 inches (no rolls), French Dot is truly one of a kind: there are no duplicates whatsoever. Frame it as a piece of art or paper an entire wall or room-the elements of French Dot offer enough continuity to create a cohesive pattern.


A little bit Mondrian and a little bit Rousseau, French Dot comes in Ooh La Black. You can choose from current selections online in order to create your perfect "modern decadence."


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