Tarkett Tiles at NeoCon: Mixonomi and Linowall

Tarkett Tiles at NeoCon: Mixonomi and Linowall

Perennial NeoCon powerhouse Tarkett is showing several products at this year’s show. Among our favorites: Mixonomi and Linowall.

Tarkett Linowall and Mixonomi gray adjacent to stairs

Both collections expand the possibilities of Vinyl Tile. Mixonomi embraces the “art of mixing.” A low-maintenance, easy-care, and damage-resistant modular tile, Mixonomi allows users to mix and match a variety of shapes and colors for truly stunning aesthetic possibilities.

Tarkett Linowall and Mixonomi polygonal pattern in yellow and white in women's handbag store

The Diamond Series and Polygonal Series may be used separately or combined. With 11 shapes and 34 color options, this durable flooring can accommodate a variety of design objectives—great for just about any venue.

Tarkett Linowall and Mixonomi diamond pattern in red and blue

Linowall takes Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) to the next level. The market’s only LVT suited for walls, Linowall is Bs2-d0 fire certified. It also features Tarkett’s patented xf2 surface treatment, offering excellent resistant to spillage, including dilute acids, oils, fats, solvents, and alkalis.

Tarkett Mixonomi and Linowall yellow in kitchen adjacent to table

The look is lean and clean. Six colors are currently available.

Tarkett Linowall and Mixonomi lime green in basement

Find out more about Mixonomi and Linowall at Tarkett.

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