Lithe as Lapilli: Ronda Design Lapilla Magnetic Lamp

Lithe as Lapilli: Ronda Design Lapilla Magnetic Lamp

According to manufacturer Ronda Design, “Lapilla is the unexpected magnetic lamp that completes the collection of functional accessories of Magnetika system.”

Backtracking just a bit, Magnetika is a wall-paneling system featuring magnetized wall panels and accessories. Lapilla–which translates loosely as red-hot detritus emitted during a volcanic eruption”–is the lighting accessory designed to illuminate this clever concept.

Ronda Design Lapilla Magnetic Lamp two lamps on black wall

Lapilla is versatile and fun. The magnetization gives it a certain freedom: since the connection between shade and base is no longer defined by a central rod, Lapilla may be positioned in all sorts of interesting configurations–like magic, the form of the cable is determined by unseen magnetic pathways.

Ronda Design Lapilla Lamp one lamp on wall with red cable

This gives it a spontaneous aspect that evokes the random oscillations of its namesake: “like red hot lapilli from a mesmerizing volcanic eruption, Lapilla moves and gleams between the wall panels, weaving unexpected patterns of light.”

Ronda Design Lapilla Magnetic Lamp dual lamps on wall near wood paneling.

Lapilla is offered with both fixed and movable base, with the option of tucking extra cable into the base’s underside. Many finishes are available, including White, Black, Embossed Copper, Graphite, Titanium, and Embossed Brass. Contact Ronda Design to find out more.

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