Duii Mini by Foscarini for Diesel

What’s a “Duck-Footed Duii Mini desk lamp” doing in close proximity to the clothing manufacturer/lifestyle brand called Diesel? Clearly, the connection is meant to drive home the point that today’s metrosexuals value accessories as much as they do clothing. And what better way to say vintage retro industrial meets shabby chic hipsterism than a stylish, cool lamp that looks as if plucked straight from the shelves of a 1962 Woolworths?

Duii Mini desk lamp. Designed by Foscarini. Manufactured by Diesel.

Foscarini and Diesel Collaborate on Fashion-Forward Lighting

Of course, Diesel’s demographic extends far beyond the tongue-in-cheek description above (why, I’ve even been known to wear their jeans—sales rack willing). And the collaboration with iconic lighting brand Foscarini further extends the appeal. All this is to say that the new Duii Mini will interest anyone intrigued by the intersection of fashion and A&D.

In its original incarnation, Duii sported the very same duck foot, topped, however, with an articulating stem that, as one critic has it, “makes it look as if it just walked off a Pixar set.”  Duii Mini eschews the long neck for a shorter, stubby version that enforces the “Dewey Duck” theme.

Duii Mini Desk Lamp. Designed by Foscarini. Manufactured by Diesel.

Other cultural emblems evoked by Duii Mini include a steam punk rough with a classic mohawk haircut and the diminutive alien oft-befuddled by Bugs Bunny of Warner Brothers fame. Add to that Diesel’s sense of  “a multitude of memories and inspirations: retro car headlights, a workman’s hard hat, but also the Mohican style shaved head of the Diesel brand.”

Just like the original, the Duii Mini comes in two colors—a working class yellow and an industrial grey. The lamp works equally well on a desk or mounted on the wall.

Via MocoLoco.

About the Designer: Foscarini is a lighting manufacturer with a well-established international reputation. From table lamps to outdoor lighting, the Italian company partners with “grand masters and young talents from the international design circuit” in order to bring innovative products to life. A creative and flexible company, Foscarini operates under a simple philosophy that combines research, detail, quality, “and, above all, a product-centered culture that is the result of good design.”

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