Watson’s Bahn Office

Watson’s Bahn Office

Watson’s Bahn Office is a modular “Kit” of office solutions that lets users devise pinpoint arrangements to maximize the effectiveness and functionality of their workspace.

The core of the Kit is the rail. Effectively the backbone upon which cohere Bahn’s desks, storage, and complementary seating, the rail delivers voice, data, power, and cable management, all while cleverly hiding itself within the polished exteriors of the other components.

Desks are height-adjustable. Utilizing Watson’s innovative technology, the surface rises and descends simply and smoothly—cables easily follow along in the very same trajectory. Surfaces are solid-core engineered wood, available in various finishes.

The arching foot is another perk. “Sitting discretely on the floor without visible glides,” it makes seamless adjustments to eliminate wobble on even the slightest slanted floors.

Other components include double-duty “Work Islands,” which feature storage and a markerboard surface for casual collaboration; and mobile credenzas of varying heights, for aisle side ends and/or under desk storage.

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