Sustainable LED Lighting by Stickbulb

Sustainable LED Lighting by Stickbulb

Stickbulb is a NYC-based lighting manufacturer born of a singular missive with an ecological concern. The challenge was to create arresting lighting designs that could only be manufactured locally and affordably—within a 5-mile radius of the city.

The resultant sustainable LED lighting is akin to “a light-up erector set of interchangeable components that allows for unlimited customization and creativity.”

The lights are comprised of reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood and energy efficient LEDs.

Stickbulbs offers many materials and a variety of designs. Available woods include Maple, Walnut, Heart Pine, Ebonized Oak, and Water Tower Redwood.

There are also “Portable” and “Hard Wired” collections, the latter lent to creatively conceived floor and table lamps, and the former taking form as sconces and stunning pendant lamps.

Customized creations are available as well. Stickbulb’s sustainable LED lighting is found in both small- and large-scale displays for different venues, including restaurants, offices, and galleries.

See Stickbulb for more.

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