Lumiere Turns 30!

Lumiere Turns 30!

It’s been 30 years since Rodolfo Dordoni and Foscarini collaborated on Lumiere, a lovely table lamp whose synthesis of elegance and subtlety has made it a living icon.

Lumiere 30 lamp original version four of them with warm white shade

The designer and manufacturer are paying tribute with Lumiere 30, an updating that introduces dual incarnations of the lamp, both of which exemplify classic glass blowing techniques that create decorative elements on the diffuser’s exterior.

Lumiere 30 Lamp both versions

For Bulles (loosely translated as “bubbles”) the glass was blown into a spiked mould that creates air bubbles within the glass, producing an effect of internal decoration while the surface remains smooth.

Lumiere 30 lamp Bulles detail

Pastilles (“pellet,” or “small lozenge candy”), in turn, achieves a decorative surface from a diamond-shaped mould, for a faceted finish with pronounced textural appeal.

Lumiere 30 lamp Pastilles detail

Both versions feature the original tripod style die-cast aluminum base that’s hand polished and liquid coated to achieve its beautiful champagne sheen.

Lumiere 30 lamp Bulles in window

Lumiere 30 is a limited edition of 1000. Buyers will receive both versions specially packed in a single box, each of them numbered and signed by Dordoni.

Lumiere 30 lamp signed/numbered detail

Dordoni and Foscarini are justifiably proud of Lumiere’s longevity, evoking none other than famed fabulist Italo Calvino: “A classic is a work that persists in time, with unique, essential characteristics that make it continue to stand out in the background noise of passing fashions.”

Lumiere 30 lamp two versions side by side on colored background

To read more about Lumiere 30 and the history of the Lumiere Table Lamp, see Foscarini.

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