Weda by Davis Furniture

Weda by Davis Furniture

There’s no question as to why Weda won NeoCon Gold for seating. It’s a truly good-looking bench. For contract markets of all kinds looking for a perfect perch, Weda by Davis Furniture provides the answer.


Sophisticated "with just the right amount of whimsical," Weda combines craftsmanship and contemporary lines-with just enough sinuosity. The slightly curved backrest maintains yet softens the bench's strong silhouette.


An upholstered seat and a hint of fabric on the backrest add color and texture to the hardwood frame. From bold black to soft purple, modern cerulean to neutral gray, the fabric changes Weda to fit its location.


Envision Weda in corporate offices, university libraries, art museums, boutique hotels and boutiques alike. Everyone who passes this striking bench will be unable to resist it.


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