At NeoCon 2019: Arcipelago Wood by Narbutas

At NeoCon 2019: Arcipelago Wood by Narbutas

Having the ability to shift between a collaborative work environment to a quiet space that offers privacy was the inspiration for Arcipelago Wood by Narbutas, a seating system that creates “a room inside a room” oasis for open-plan offices.

Designed by Italian designers Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli of Baldanzi & Novelli, Arcipelago Wood is “a space where you can rediscover a calm, reserved place where you can find concentration and privacy.”

Each unit includes cushioned seating, a work surface, and a padded C-shaped screen that provides both privacy and sound-proofing. Each table is equipped with a power outlet and USB type A and C connections.

Arcipelago Wood was a featured product at NeoCon 2019. For more information visit

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