Ultraleather Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics by Ultrafabrics

Ultraleather Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics by Ultrafabrics

New indoor/outdoor fabrics by Ultrafabrics work doubly hard to stand up to the demands of healthcare venues. Ultraleather Distressed, Ultraleather Pebble, and Ultraleather Pumice offer texture and color-without sacrificing performance.


"Extremely resilient and meticulously engineered," Ultrafabric's new indoor/outdoor fabrics are PVC free, anti-mildew, fade resistant, EPA registered, and Greenguard certified.


Ultraleather Pebble in warm neutrals offers a subtle texture. Ultraleather Pumice has the look of certain seashells, but works hard and wears well with its antimicrobial and antibacterial agents. Ultraleather Distressed is available in the most colors, including a wide range of soothing neutrals and a few unexpected hues like Atomic Red and Atomic Blue.


Visit www.ultrafabricsllc.com for more information.

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