Ultrafabrics Launches Ultratech Next-gen Fabrics

Ultrafabrics Launches Ultratech Next-gen Fabrics

Textile manufacturer Ultrafabrics has always been known for being at the forefront of the enhanced textile industry for more than six decades. With a high tech production facility, they are known the world over for reliable, eco-friendly, high tech fabrics. With the launch of four new fabrics under the name Ultratech, they do not disappoint.

Eco Tech
Ultratech ‘Eco-tech’

Named ‘Cove’, ‘Dwell, ‘Eco Tech, and ‘Helix’, the new collection promises a surface experience beyond traditional polyurethane varieties. Ultratech'sâ„¢ uniquely refined matte finishes with one-of-a-kind depth and texture speak directly to the sense of touch, delivering intriguing softness. As with all Ultrafabrics, the new series also delivers the optimal durability and cleaning attributes known to all Ultrafabrics® materials.

Ultratech ‘Cove’

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