Sensuede: Moral Materiality

Leather with a napped finish: suede is smooth, soft and luxurious. Unfortunately, it’s animal skin and thus prohibited for vegans, vegetarians and animal rights activists alike. Made from a thinner piece of hide than full-grade leather, it is less durable – and its nappy texture makes it more susceptible to damage from water and stains. Great as it may feel, natural suede has its drawbacks. Conversely, Sensuede will cause no moral regrets and, defined as extra-strong and extra resilient, it has longevity too.

Sensuede. Designed and manufactured by Sensuede.

Sensuede is a luxury faux suede entirely made from high-purity recycled polyester (from PET bottles, fabric and apparel). The production process is eco-efficient too. “Given the concern with conserving natural resources and reducing the burden on the environment, it makes sense to be Green” explains the company. Both sides of the fabric are properly finished “for a smooth drape and easy ability to contour to any shape and style of furniture”: wall-coverings, drapery, bedding, pillows, sofas, loveseats, dining chairs, recliners, handbags, picture frames, etc. From aircraft, cruise ships, yachts and RVs to corporate and executive interiors, restaurants hotels, home theater seating and bar stools.




Soft and smooth, Sensuede is available in 130 color-satured, rich and opulent hues including snow white, true black, red, blue, cinnamon, burnt umber, yellow, azure, and persimmon. Spill-proof, wrinkle-proof, shrink-proof, stain resistant, soil resistant, fade resistant, moisture resistant and mildew resistant: “It has an inner strength, a great dimensional stability.” It can be machine washed or dry-cleaned.

Beyond durability, it has a lot of versatility. For more “green fabrics”, check out Architex‘s eco-conscious collection by Angela Adams and Kravet’s Eco Textiles.

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