Käbu sofa by Javier Pastor for Expormim

Käbu sofa by Javier Pastor for Expormim

Meaning 'curve' in Japanese, Käbu is a new outdoor sofa designed by Javier Pastor for Valencian company Expormim.

Kabu sofa by Javier Pastor for Expormim_2

Created by stretching a durable mesh fabric over a lightweight frame, the curved back of the Käbu sofa lends it a soft and sculptural appearance.

Javier Pastor, industrial designer and teacher at UPV, explains, "The light structure is dressed with a technical fabric that becomes skin and wrap. The curvature generated as a result of the fabric tension on the structure highlights the desire for a lightweight, upholstered frame. An upholstery that avoids excessive prominence."

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The sofa is available in two finishes, Batyline Senso® and 3D Mesh finish.  The 3D Mesh is a highly resistant and durable technical fabric with excellent ventilation capacity that has been formulated exclusively for Expormim.

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Available in brown-taupe or black , the new sofa is perfectly suited to contemporary architectural environments.

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For more information visit expormim.es

About the manufacturer: Founded in 1960, Spanish company Expormim has over 50 years of experience conceiving unique furniture pieces for indoor & outdoor use. With a commitment to quality and design, Expormim began as a manufacturer of wicker baskets before making the transition to furniture. The name is a conflation of exportadora, meaning exporter and mimbre, meaning wicker. Today Expormim employs over 50 staff and sells its products in over 40 countries all over the world.

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