Rise Collection by DittoHouse

Rise Collection by DittoHouse

Inspired after seeing a recent influx of hate and intolerance throughout the United States, textile designer Molly Fitzpatrick decided she wanted to take a stand in the best way she knew how: through design. DittoHouse, an America-based company, thus created the Rise Collection.


Comprised of throw blankets and pillows that contain graphic patterns and bold colors, the Rise Collection features products with inspirational names like “Organize,” “New Day,” “Onward,” “Upward,” and “Harmony.” And as with all of DittoHouse’s products, each one is made using recycled cotton yarn that features no new dyes. The result is a collection of products that eliminates water waste and chemical run-off, while preventing textile waste from ending up in landfills.


In addition, from March 1 through 8, 100 percent of profits of sales of the Rise Collection will be donated to the Dream Corps’ #Love Amy campaign, which strives to fight hate.


For more information visit Dittohouse.com.

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