Wood Frame from 3form

Wood Frame from 3form

3form’s new Wood Frame is a comely, clever workspace partition system.


Using a starting point of a natural wood surround, Wood Frame allows users to integrate 3form partition elements within aesthetically pleasing hardwoods of Ash and Rift White Oak.



The Wood Frame framing hardware works with any 1/4″ or 3/8″ 3form panel. Favorites include Varia Ecoresin, Pressed Glass, Duo, and Chroma.

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Wood Frame’s modular nature gives users multiple options: stand-alone configurations, single-panel walled partitions, or multiple panels to divide space throughout a room.


Multiple wood finishes are available, including Natural, Whitewash, Warm Gray, Gunmetal Gray, Dark Chocolate, and Butterscotch. And door options include pivot doors with a hardware handle or a streamlined pull seamlessly milled into the frame, as well as sliding Varia doors mounted to the adjacent wall.

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For additional information, contact 3form.

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