A New Material Gets a Newer Use: 3Form’s Varia Ecoresin Sliding Doors

Regular readers and auspicious aficionados will recognize the work of the architectural experts and engineering whiz kids of manufacturer 3Form. This company-known for their innovations in environmentally-friendly materials-is the recent author of such achievements in sustainable building as their Parametre Partition system, their Poured Glass Tiles, and, of course, Varia Ecoresin. A new use for the latter is the subject of this post, as 3Form's Varia Ecoresin Sliding Doors take the innovation of the material and transform it into the product itself.

Varia Ecoresin Sliding Door. Manufactured by 3Form.

3Form's Varia Ecoresin Sliding Doors Offer Untold Aesthetic Opportunities

For those not in the know, Varia Ecoresin refers to 3Form's patented translucent panels. Constructed of a proprietary blend containing 40% pre-consumer recycled resin, Varia Ecoresin is eco-wise and easy to work with. 3Form offers the material in a huge variety of stylistic incarnations, from solid transparent colors (C3) to  high-res photorealistic designs (Nature) to encapsulated natural materials (Organics).

A New Material Gets a Newer Use: 3Form's Varia Ecoresin Sliding Doors

The new Sliding Doors series ups the ante, as it were, since it offers the tempting, tantalizing, dare I say titillating option of fully functional and ready-to-install doors constructed of any of the styles from the Varia Ecoresin line. In so doing, 3form moves beyond being a mere manufacturer of materials, and instead offers a whole range of ready to use products.

Varia Ecoresin Sliding Door. Manufactured by 3Form.

In this new series, options abound-beyond, that is, the myriad aesthetic options embodied in the Varia Ecoresin Line. 3Form offers their sliding doors with mullions or without, with floor tracks or with the well-nigh invisible Aero Sliding Partition, and with sturdy surrounding frames or in 3Form's ultra-contemporary frameless models.

Varia Ecoresin Sliding Door. Manufactured by 3Form.

3Form’s Varia Ecoresin Sliding Doors are so intriguing and inspired that we can’t say enough about them. Here, the old saw about actions being louder than words comes into play, so I’ll just dispense with the words and give the goods: we’re specifying the very same doors for our new Designer Pages offices in NYC.

About the Manufacturer: 3Form cites multiple sources of inspiration in their rising trajectory as a leading manufacturer of innovative materials: committed people, breakthrough products, and a better planet. The first refers to their unparalleled team of designers, materials engineers, and architects; the second references achievements in lightweight, durable, and sustainable materials like Varia Ecoresin; and the third encapsulates 3Form's pledge to go green-to use renewable sources for power production, to employ reclaimed and recycled materials in the production stream,  and to incorporate features that help earn LEED points in a variety of categories.

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