Aria by Foliot

Aria by Foliot

Given the number of talented architects who have designed iconic campus buildings the world over, one would think the connection between good design and good thinking is well established.

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But a glance at most dorm room furniture would have you believe otherwise. Thankfully, Foliot is taking charge with Aria-a collection of educational housing furniture that includes beds, storage, desks, and chairs.

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Compact and practical, Aria is also streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. Nightstands and dressers sit on metal bases, providing space beneath for storage and ease of cleaning. This negative space, of course, also makes spaces appear larger.


The Nova Chair features an ergonomic form on a subtly asymmetrical base of thin tubular metal-again using open sight lines to create a feeling of space. It can also add a splash of color to dorm rooms, as it's available in red, orange, green, navy, gray, and black.


Smartly, the Aria metal bed is available at 16 or 24 inches high. Foliot offers one- and two-drawer stackable dressers that fit underneath, increasing much-needed drawer storage.

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