NeoCon 2014: BuzziSpace Launches Flexible Office Furniture

NeoCon 2014: BuzziSpace Launches Flexible Office Furniture

This week at NeoCon in Chicago, BuzziSpace is presenting two new pieces of furniture for the office.


At NeoCon 2014 BuzziSpace introduces new office furniture that facilitates privacy and collaboration.

Designed by Belgian furniture designer Alain Gilles in collaboration with the BuzziSpace team, the BuzziPicNic table and bench system is a collaborative desk option for the office space.


From the outside the BuzziPicNic has the relaxed appearance of a long wooden lunch table, but inside, electrical strips provide workers with sleek connectivity and wire management. "With its natural materials, soft lines and classic shape, this table system brings office design back to basics," said Tom Van Dessel, co-CEO, BuzziSpace. "Taking influence from this old-fashioned farm aesthetic, we have made the ultimate symbol of community new again by interpreting it for the work environment."

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BuzziSpace’s second launch is BuzziVille – a new flexible workstation that can be added to, rearranged and rebuilt to adapt to the needs of a growing office. Made up of tall sections of acoustic BuzziFelt that hook together to create walls, the BuzziVille workstations provide a zone where employees can work in small groups or alone.


Inside the nooks, desks are hung like shelves and complementary products like BuzziHubs and BuzziCubes can be integrated for maximum functionality and acoustical comfort.  "Utilizing our full range of acoustically-driven, modular products, BuzziVille creates an architectural office environment that groups together like-minded teams," said Tom Van Dessel, co-CEO, BuzziSpace.


BuzziSpace will debut BuzziPicNic and BuzziVille at NeoCon 2014, in its first floor, common space in the Merchandise Mart. The brand's complete showing can be seen at its showroom, 10-111.

About the manufacturer: BuzziSpace meets the challenges of the collaborative workspace with products that inspire interaction through simple, sustainable, and acoustically-driven design. With offices in Belgium and the U.S., the young brand is committed to authentic, solution-based product development, outfitting some of the world's most innovative brands. Through careful selection of materials, BuzziSpace ensures all products meet the highest-standards of performance and environmental stewardship.

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