Ethos by Haskell

Ethos by Haskell

For teachers looking to change classroom arrangements depending on the activity, Ethos by Haskell is a great option. A chair that "doubles as an active learning platform for twenty-first century pedagogy," Ethos works for individual learning and group collaboration.


With six casters, Ethos is quickly moveable. Once seated, students will find that the chair is also accommodating. An oval back offers ventilation. Oversized storage below the seat is easily accessible. And the large tablet provides ample work space with an ambidextrous arm for right- and left-handed students. Ethos features 360-degree swivel too, giving students extreme flexibility.


The chair comes in 13 colors, including invigorating red, orange, and yellow; mellow navy, sky, and purple; and earthy spruce, green apple, and desert. Haskell offers Ethos in white, black, storm, and gray as well.


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