At NeoCon 2021: People-Centric Products from Falcon

At NeoCon 2021: People-Centric Products from Falcon

Falcon’s exciting suite of products for this year’s show revolves around a consistent theme: adaptation.

Falcon Sedera desk four stacked in different colors and matching Sedera chair four stacked various colors
Sedera Stacking Desk with Matching Chair

The company’s top design clients confirmed the centrality of the notion, as fluid working styles demand products that support activity. Among the adjectives encountered in the informal survey, Falcon notes “flexible,” “adaptive,” “personalized,” “enterprising,” and “multi-purpose.”

Falcon Tilt Table with man tilting table up into position
Ascent Tilt Table

The new products address this theme of fluidity and versatility: Ascent tables enable single-person operation of large tables for impromptu set-up and take down; Wander is a personal work station with a clever cookie shape for long periods of comfortable work; and Sedera is an ultra versatile chair with multiple base options and a vibrant aesthetic.

Falcon Sedera wood leg chair three chairs red, gray/red, and blue/yellow
Sedera Wood Leg Side Chair
Falcon Sedera Drafting Stool in green
Sedera Drafting Stool

There’s also the Tufgrain Lounge Chair, a spacious yet lightweight piece with an aluminum frame, high density foam moulded seat, and open back.

Tufgrain Lounge Chair

The Ascent Series includes Lift, Fold, and Tilting Tables, each with easy-to-access mechanisms for respective lifting, folding, and tilting.

Falcon Ascent Lift Table with man lifting table into mobile mood in large conference hall with chairs
Lift Table
Falcon Fold table two tables on cart
Ascent Stackable Fold Table

And Wander is great for a mobile, personalized work station. Rolling casters let users find a personalized space and cozy right up to the worktop.

Falcon Wander Tables several tables in classroom
Wander Tables

Together, the new products offer the adaptive approach that everyone is after. Visit Falcon on the 11th. floor (unit 11-111) at NeoCon to find out more.

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