Bestiary Wallpapers by The Graduate Collection

Bestiary Wallpapers by The Graduate Collection

The Graduate Collection

brings the work of emerging UK designers to life, focusing on "nurturing talented graduates and getting their designs to market." And nowhere is their work more visible and splendorous than in the animal patterns available in The Graduate Collection Wallpaper.


Vestige, Jollyboy & Friends, and Portrait Gallery are three of the company's wallcovering designs that highlight animals. Designed by Lisa Bliss, Vestige presents wild animal heads against a mustard background, challenging how animals have been treated throughout history: "Intricately hand drawn British beasts that would have commonly dressed the walls of our past aristocracy can now adorn the walls of your lodge or city pad."


Ideal for dog lovers and children, Jollyboy & Friends by Charlotte Cory brings man's best friend to life in a montage of old-fashioned photographs. Cory's Portrait Gallery also revels in maximalism, crowding together ornate frames with costumed animals.


In Mauve or Taupe, Portrait Gallery revels in whimsical anthropomorphism-from badgers in lab coats to giraffes in sailor uniforms, aristocratic tigresses to handsome boars.

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