Elan Vital by Flavor Paper

Elan Vital by Flavor Paper

Among new designs by Flavor Paper, Elan Vital captures the imagination.
Designed by Ovando using photographs by Skot Yobauje Photography, Elan Vital reinterprets the classic still life.


Composed entirely of flowers, Elan Vital features "an incredibly broad range of floral species." Pieced together from photographs, Elan Vital offers a hallucinogenic hyper-realism. The color and composition are dizzyingly beautiful. Flowers layer on top of each other, creating a depth one can get lost in.


As with all Flavor Paper wallpapers, Elan Vital is made with water-based inks and eco-friendly solvents "to be as green as possible."


Visit www.flavorpaper.com for more information.

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