Calico Wallpaper at HD Expo

Calico Wallpaper at HD Expo

The stunning floor to ceiling murals on display at HD Expo earlier this month owe their origins to diverse influences, including the Japanese and Turkish arts of Suminagashi and Ebru—venerated paper marbling techniques that “illuminate the possibilities offered by gradients, metallics, and woven natural fibers.”

Calico wallpaper Eden design with thin plants and branches behind café table and chairs

Eden by Calico Wallpaper

The brand also points out that the true uniqueness of their wallpaper stems from a synergy between ancient practice and contemporary exploration, with fields like NASA telescope imagery helping to bridge past and future.

Lyric wallpaper in living room with shag rug, sofa, and lounge.

Lyric, an abstract depiction of the Greek islands and surrounding architecture

The custom wallpapers are non-repeating, creating a sense of extraordinary visual scope that also emanates from the detail: many of the designs are borne of digital enlargement of handmade patterns.

Sylvan Calico wallpaper with tall trees on an abstract forest/mountain landscape in living room with plush furniture

Sylvan. Created in collaboration with artist Lindsey Adelman.

The images shown here depict the designs “Lyric,” “Sylvan,” and “Eden,” each embodying different conceptual approaches. Lyric (third image from top) depicts an idyllic landscape of the Greek isles, an abstract sense of “clustered homes and meandering streets that meld into mountainsides.” Sylvan (above) is based on the life of the forest, the rhythms of sunlight and shadow and the interplay of trees and snow-covered mountains. And Eden (below) was created in collaboration with artist Lindsey Adelman, whose self-imposed exile on an island off the coast of Brittany, France manifested in a series of watercolor paintings depicting the region’s bounteous plant life.

Eden wallpaper image from HD Expo display

Find out more at Calico Wallpaper.

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