Antonym 2 Showcases Weaving and Embroidery

Antonym 2 Showcases Weaving and Embroidery

Who could have guessed that designer pendant lighting could showcase embroidery, of all things?

woman weaving black thread into pendant lamp shade

Milan-based designer Silvia Stella Osella, for one, whose Antonym 2 pendant for Global Lighting features an ellipse-shaped bamboo wicker shade adorned with a botanical motif in black raffia, “woven using the Renaissance-era intreccio technique by master artisans in Mogliano.”

Weaving detail
Antonym view from above showing flower-shaped design on lamp shade

The combination of lighting design and artisanal craft makes for a compelling fixture, one in which the intricate embroidery reveals a floral pattern filled with light.

Antonym 2 side view

Designer Osella has a background in textiles, which later evolved into trend and color consultancy, “working with some of the world’s top brands, partnering with them to raise awareness and help them transition towards a more conscious approach to design and production.”

Pendant lamp in light-filled living room

Antonym 2 offers a convincing test case. As a shining example of innovative and aesthetically daring design, Antonym 2 is an heirloom quality piece emphasizing natural materials and thoughtful design.

Antonym close-up view

See Global Lighting to find out more.

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