Ceci Lamp by Sander Mulder

Ceci Lamp by Sander Mulder

Now on view as part of the Perfect Imperfection Exhibition to celebrate the opening of the new Sander Mulder studio in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Ceci (n'est pas une lampe) is inspired by Magritte's famous artwork. This pendant lamp appears to be broken-but its seeming fragility is deceptive.


Sander Mulder explains that Ceci "plays with the stereotypes of our daily lives which are imprinted in our minds." This high-powered LED pendant, available with dimmer, comes in multiple shapes, all of which highlight the "shattered" bottom. The light is the shade with Ceci, as its bulb-shaped design houses a hidden LED.



See other playful designs at www.sandermulder.com.

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