Hoops from Axolight is Dancing Illumination

Hoops from Axolight is Dancing Illumination

Hoops from Axolight and designer Giovanni Barbato is a collection of LED pendant lighting whose very form encapsulates the word “flourish.”

Hoops from Axolight gold with brick background

The fixture is comprised of a metal “hoop” that captures the eye and captivates the senses, flowing fore and aft and up and down in a swirling symphony of implied movement.

Hoops from Axolight gold detail

Hoops’ structure plays maestro with light, reflecting and refracting it in all directions to brighten up space and add drama to the environs.

Hoops from Axolight black with orange background

Axolight offers Hoops in a variety of finishes, including, black, gold, and the latest incarnation, white.

Hoops from Axolight white in living room

Hoops is dimmable. There’s also a flush-mount option.

Hoops from Axolight gold flushmount

To find out more, see Axolight. And go to Designer Pages Media for more innovative pendant lights.

Posted August 14, 2020 by Joseph Starr

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