Boom by RUX Design

Boom by RUX Design

Debuting at Milan Design Week, Boom by Stickbulb and RUX Design is an LED chandelier made from demolished NYC water towers. "Our fixtures are literally born from the destruction of architecture," explains RUX Founder Russell Greenberg.


Presenting at the Rossana Orlandi showroom on April 4 and during Fuorisalone from April 4-9, Boom is composed of cast-brass joints and linear wooden bulbs-the original Stickbulb. Varying lengths of water tower Redwood shoot from the central brass core, creating a sort of atomic chandelier for the new millennium.


The reclaimed wood can't be ignored-both for its sustainability factor and its unique aesthetic. I like to envision the minds at RUX Design (the "modern-day Michelangelos and MacGyvers") escaping their office to dismantle water towers, but the process is surely less dramatic. In any case, the reclaimed wood, which weathered the elements on one side and buttressed water on the other, is red in color and striated by black veins.


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