Find Your Fashion with Wallpaper from the 70s

Find Your Fashion with Wallpaper from the 70s

Self-described "Pioneers of retro," Wallpaper from the 70s is dedicated not only to preserving that era's specific aesthetic, but also perpetuating its zeitgeist-"an optimistic pioneering spirit and a belief in the future."


With Wallpaper from the 70s' extensive catalogue, you'll be able to customize your walls and project your own pioneering spirit, whether your tastes tend towards funky, fashionable, or downright phantasmagoric.




Wallpaper from the 70s has an extensive, searchable online database, allowing users to access prints by era, aesthetic, or material.


The company also contracts with renowned designers: Versace, Flavor Paper, Dupenny, and Lisa Bengtsson-each have a place in this alluring agglomeration.


Lately recognized for their hand-crafted embroidered light wallpaper (containing embedded optical fibres that manipulate light, resulting in intriguing illuminations and refractions), Wallpaper from the 70s stays in-style and on-trend, in both the technological and aesthetic sense.



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