Artisan Wallpaper from Ever Atelier

Artisan Wallpaper from Ever Atelier

Like paintings that cover an entire wall, Ever Atelier’s artisan wallpaper explores the artistic bounds of this familiar medium.

Ever Atelier artisan wallpaper fields of narcissus

Founders Sarah English and Ashley Leftwich are artists and designers. With backgrounds in fine arts, fashion, and interior design, the duo create innovative and intricate designs that are fairly bursting with color.

Ever Atelier artisan wallpaper Rose Mary in bathroom

And their aesthetic runs the gamut from hype-real nature to whimsical Art Deco to fantastical menagerie, as in this Razel Baselisk print that celebrates the allure of the classic fairy tale.

Ever Atelier artisan wallpaper Razel Baselisk detail

Ever Atelier offers a variety of substrates depending on the design. The Chroma, Machina, and Orphic substrates include 11% post-consumer fiber in the wall covering and 100% post-consumer fiber in the backing, and the Cirrus backing is FSC-certified

Ever Atelier artisan wallpaper Ahab Bowen

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