Image-In by WETSTYLE

Image-In by WETSTYLE

WETSTYLE, the minimalist bathroom fittings manufacturer known for its strict emphasis on form, now introduces Image-In. This collection of tone-on-tone motifs incorporates both the company's Matte and True High Glossâ„¢ finishes on the bathtub surface. While Image-In is undeniably ornamental-a paradigm shift for WETSTYLE-it is also understated.


The four motifs connect us with "the terrestrial origins of humanity." EARTH, WATER, FLORAL, and CALLIGRAPHY serve as a microcosm of evolution, referencing both natural wonders and human achievement. From linear triangles to sinuous waves, and budding flowers to unrecognizable script, Image-In patterns add depth.


All WETSTYLE bathtubs are made of WETMAR BIOâ„¢. The material combines soy and mineral stone for superior strength and heat insulation. WETMAR BIO is also eco-friendly, durable, and naturally stain-/bacteria-resistant.


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