Neorest by Toto

Neorest by Toto


has taken their advanced technology to all areas of the bath with Neorest, a collection of smart bathtubs, toilets, and basins. Sensors customize everything from water temperature to bath fill level for an "innovative and responsive" bathroom experience.


Let's start with the undeniable specialty of Toto, the all-in-one toilet. The Neorest 500H Dual Flush Toilet is a sleek, skirted unit with warm water cleansing (front and back), automatic and heated seat, and air deodorizer. A remote control lets you manage everything, or you can rely on sensor operation.


The Neorest Air Bath SE with Hydrohands is a bathtub designed to "understand your needs in every respect." Revolutionary features include a cascading faucet, shoulder warmers, pillows, underwater lighting, and hand-held shower. Of course, the Air Bath also remembers "how deep you like your bath."


But it's the Hydrohands technology that truly offers luxury in the bath. The hydrotherapy massage system flows water through specially calibrated nozzles, producing a soothing and therapeutic effect.


Neorest also includes lavatories with sensor faucets and coordinating accessories such as remote control stands, towel holders, and robe hooks.

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