Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

With the winter months just around the corner, we best deal with the temperature drop by nourishing our bodies with hot tea, stew, crackling fireplaces, and of course, a great bath. Before you resort to squeezing into your gym’s chlorinated hot tub during the upcoming deep freeze, invest a little time in this week’s Top Ten Freestanding Bathtubs list where you’ll get a round-up of everything from the latest, ergonomic designs of the Arne to the tech-savvy, jet stream massaging of the Constantine or Arturi.

10 Freestanding, Sculptural and Sleek Bathtubs

1. SUN

MANUFACTURER: e-legno Group Italy
PRICE: 8600 Euro (approx. $12,000)
Dimensions: 78-3/4″L x 43-1/4″W x 22-3/4″H (shown), and in three other sizes: 78-3/4″L x 37-2/5″W x 22-3/4″H; 74-4/5″L x 37-2/5″W x 22-3/4″H; 70-4/5″L x 37-2/5″W x 22-3/4″H

The Sun wooden bathtubs in cedar (pictured), mahogany, or oak by e-legno Group Italy possess the highest quality of craftsman manufacturing. Finished with a certificate of hygiene from their transparent matte resin, the large basin looks brand new far beyond its 3 year warranty. Choose a standard size, shape, and wood or upgrade to a teak customize your dimensions. Whatever your desire, the Italian company’s skillful use of centuries-old woodworking skills transforms your bathtub into a warm haven.
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

2. Constantine Double Slipper Mosaic Copper
MANUFACTURER: Signature Hardware
PRICE: $3,106.95 – 5,351.95
Dimensions: 68″ L x 31″ W x 25″ H (± 1/2″); interior: 51″ L x 21″ W x 21-1/2″ H (± 1/2″)

In a glossy, medium antique copper finish with an exterior mirror mosaic, this double slipper bathtub pays attention to the details. After opting for the long, five year warranty of a 16-gauge, copper-finished Constantine, your choice then shifts to the standard tub or a deep air bathtub, featuring a multi-jet air bath system. If you go for the latter, you’ll get a variable speed blower. Regardless of your jet decision, they’re each produced by hand making no two tubs identical.
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

3. Arne
DESIGNER: Soda Design
PRICE: $19,995
Dimensions: 65 2/5″ L x 39 2/5″ W x 19 3/5″ H (1660 mm L x 1000 mm W x 500 mm H)

Whether you’re into ergonomics or the simple shape of an almost upright bathtub, the nonconformist in you will adore the Arne tub by Soda Design for Rapsel. With a slightly raised back, this freestanding bathtub provides your soaking time with extra comfort and intimacy with its high edges. Rapsel is an Italian company that uses the Soda Design Austrian duo – Nada Nasrallah & Christian Horner – to enhance their brand’s image with a fresh approach to tub and washbasin art.
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

4. Cartesio
DESIGNER: Benedini Associati
PRICE: 8,315 Euro + (approx. $11,600)
Dimensions: 71 5/8" L x 39 3/4" W x 21 5/8" H

Available in freestanding or corner versions – with inset or recessed installation – the Cartesio bathtub in Cristalplant® comes with plenty of options to make it stunning no matter how you shake it. In a 3rings post from earlier this year, we featured this Agape bathtub, stating how it works to suit your individual project with side panels, different shelf configurations, taps fitted on the edge of the tub, on the floor, or on the wall, and with an exterior in light, medium, or dark oak, or in teak (among numerous other choices). Agape would say their mission "is to make the bathroom a more comfortable and aesthetically stimulating space by rethinking conventional typologies."
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

5. Calypso
MANUFACTURER: WS Bath Collections
PRICE: $24,200
Dimensions: 72″L x 27-3/4″W x 24″- 31″H

A deep and dark wood with asymmetrical height, the Calypso is a tub by WS Bath Collections that comes in a wenge or cherry finish. Part of their Spa@Home Collection, the tub is one of the company’s many approaches to bath and kitch design that push boundaries by offering anything but traditional bathtub design. Exclusive and made with fine craftsmanship by hand, WS Bath Collections invites you to discover the warmth and beauty of design that fits your decor, transforming an ordinary bathtub into a unique work of art.
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

6. Reminiscence
MANUFACTURER: American Standard
PRICE: $1625- 1770, based on color
Dimensions: 72 1/8" x 37-1/2" x 27-1/4"

Made with acrylic and DuraBond construction, the Reminiscence Slipper Soaking bathtub features a raised headrest with molded-in arm rests at lumbar end. With a textured pattern applied for safety at its base, the rim of the tub comes sculpted, matching the Reminiscence chinaware fixtures that can outfit the rest of the bathroom. Choose between a variety of different colors to successfully stray from the typical, elemental shades that so often occupy in your washroom space.
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

7. PRBT07
PRICE: $4,927- 5,237
Dimensions: 72"³L × 37"³W × 21"³H

For the less ornate tub dwellers, the PRBT07 is deep, lengthy, and solid without any fuss. It comes manufactured in a thick, high density acrylic and is freestanding – with a sturdy Wood Slip to hold it’s rounded curves off of the ground. In addition to it’s pier acrylic being the highest industry standard on the market, Waterworks has used Microban in the manufacturing to provide “continuous antimicrobial product protection”.
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

8. Arturi
MANUFACTURER: Signature Hardware
PRICE: $2,845.95
Dimensions: 61″ diameter x 26″H (± 1/2″)

If you were into the unorthodox shape of the Arne but want something more spacious, the Arturi Round Acrylic Soaking tub is a spa-style way to buck the norm. Completely round like its sister hot tub, only smaller with a 61″ diameter, it’s as cozy as it is versatile. Include the 12 variable speed jets of the Arturi in a modern, eclectic or traditional bathroom setup, and let the 5 year warranty from Signature Hardware assure you that its affordability is an investment on top of its fashionable design.
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

9. Novecento
DESIGNER: Benedini Associati
PRICE: 7,481 Euro + (approx. $10,500)
Dimensions: 70-7/8″L× 31-1/2″W × 20-7/8″H

A beautiful, white Cristalplant® bathtub with a rectangular profile that slightly tapers down to the base is the result of a collaboration between the team at Agape and Benedini Associati  – who also came up with the Cartesio design. Nothing showy is needed with Novecento. In fact, the simple contour of its modern lines preserve the minimalist, elegant appearance that is built to last.
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

10. Epoca One Top
MANUFACTURER: WS Bath Collections
PRICE: $10,800
Dimensions: 78-3/4″L x 37-4/5″”W x 17-3/4″- 23-3/5″H

From the eclectic combination of designs within their  SPA@HOME Collection, WS Bath Collections brings you the Epoca One Top bathtub. The deep bath is made from high quality, white acrylic braced by a solid wood in a clever design that includes a step up for easy access. Choose between strong wenge or oak wood for the non-slip base and satisfy your desire for a deep and comfortable, freestanding bathtub.
Top Ten: Freestanding Bathtubs

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Freestanding Bathtubs!

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