Tom Dixon’s Material Inspired Lighting Launch At ICFF

Tom Dixon’s Material Inspired Lighting Launch At ICFF

It’s clearly evident that the new additions to Tom Dixon’s lighting collection are inspired by the materials from which they are made. Marble, wood and plastic, glass, iron, brass and copper are basics that Dixon, like other designers, use are their staple mediums, however the new collection truly showcases Dixon’s talent for being able to push the boundaries of the material substances.

Curve Family with Screw Table

‘Curve’ is a new geometrical light that pushes the boundaries of thin sheet etched metal fabrication. With its microscopic precision-pierced surface and soft nickel silver coating, Curve internally reflects and emits a filtered glow of ethereal light.

Curve Pendant Ball 32cm, 45cm Portrait

Next up is ‘Fade’, a blow moulded polycarbonate light cannon. Its teardrop shape focuses the light bulb’s output into a satisfyingly round and luminous circle. The metalised finish is unusual as it graduates from completely reflective to transparent in an even fade along the body of the light.

Fade Pendant Copper with Slab Table

Inspired by the sharp geometry of chemical laboratory glassware, ‘Flask’ is made of black glass finished in the latest oily iridescent colour. Unfamiliar in contemporary interiors, iridescence was much prized by the ceramicists and glassmakers of the arts and crafts period and is set for a return.

Flask Pendant Oil Family with Oil and Warp

Rounding out the collection is a mini chandelier called ‘Etch’, in a beautiful choice of brass or soft silver.

Etch Mini Chandelier Brass

Tom Dixon’s new collection will be on exhibit at ICFF, Booth 1704 from 14-17 May.

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