Tom Dixon and Prolicht Discover the CODE

Tom Dixon and Prolicht Discover the CODE

Austrian brand Prolicht and iconic designer Tom Dixon have collaborated on CODE, a new track-lighting concept that explores the functional and aesthetic advantages of LED circuit boards.

CODE Lighting circle backlit

Says Dixon, “The mystery to us was why so much time and effort had been expended hiding and minimising these extraordinary boards.”

CODE Lighting line of circular circuit boards

The essence of CODE is this grand reveal: that LED circuit boards shouldn’t be hidden behind a bulky diffuser, but rather emphasized, displaying their “simple and intricate beauty.”

CODE Lighting line configuration like a street grid

CODE is comprised of Dot, Dash, and Grid—three elemental shapes better known as line, circle, and square. These individual modules may be joined in a variety of configurations for unique lighting displays.

CODE Lighting fantastical circular display

Dixon elaborates: “We wanted to get to the essence of modern light, which has transformed the way we are able to illuminate and radically reduce our electricity consumption.”

CODE Lighting circular modules on tracks

To find out more, see Prolicht.

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