At NeoCon 2022: Quirks with Perks

At NeoCon 2022: Quirks with Perks

Can a product convey a sense of whimsy and be pragmatic too? Can it be fun-filled as well as functional? Judging by the accolades bestowed on Koncept Inc.’s Combi Pendant and Scandinavian Spaces‘ Yarn, the answer is yes! Joyfully so. Here are a few of our favorite quirky products from this year’s show—not all of them are award winners, but they all deserve to be.

Quirky Combi pendant in dining room

In the image above, KONCEPT INC.’s Combi Pendant appears to be mild-mannered enough, slim and minimalist with a polished look. But lo and behold there’s more to Combi than meets the eye.

Combi pendant components

Silver winner for decorative lighting, Combi is a legitimately modular light. The 1.5″ cylindrical light is the backbone of the piece, but it’s primed for easy adornment with a line-up of different lengths and attachment options like colorful glass shades (both discs and globes) as well as acoustical panels. It also offers suspension- and flush-mount options for “a playful, make-it-your-own light fixture that can be made to fit any décor.”

quirky Combi pendant with glass shades
Combi in long style with conical shade in dining room

From Lithuania’s Narbutas, ZooZoo is a colorful collection of coffee tables with accompanying poufs.

ZooZoo a quirky table and pouf

As you can see, ZooZoo also offers storage: the clever design integrates a spacious niche to keep belongings. And this is a niche within a niche, as the poufs slide under and out from the table to keep clutter to a minimum.

ZooZoo pouf detail

ZooZoo is a nice example of form following function: the recess beneath the table creates its unique aesthetic. Says designer Annie Lee, “ZooZoo offers the ultimate flexibility for gatherings of any type due to its atypical 27.2” height. The relaxed, colorful and practical design has its place in all areas of the office.”

ZooZoo in open office

Next up, perennial NeoCon performer Scandinavian Spaces takes home the innovation award in guest seating with Yarn, a beautiful guest/dining chair that “entangles nature and design.”

Yarn chair with quirky braided back

Yarn is certainly innovative, but it may as well have taken home the sustainability award too. The seat and back cushions are padded with “hairlock” (horsehair and natural latex) and felted Swedish sheep’s wool; the frame is built from recycled steel; and the plywood in the seat is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Yarn chair in pink

Of course, Yarn’s signature feature is its hand-braided back crafted from hemp strings.

Yarn chair detail

Like ZooZoo and the Combi pendant, Yarn represents the kind of out-of-the-box thinking we love to see: fun, compelling products that are flexible and versatile. Visit Scandinavian Spaces (1191), Narbutas (1111), and KONCEPT, INC. (7-9086) at NeoCon 2022.

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