Next-Gen OLED Lighting from Germany

Next-Gen OLED Lighting from Germany

LED lighting has already had a firm hold in the industry for some time now. Energy efficient, long life, and more gentle on our already overburdened eyes, it was just a matter of time before designers took on the task of creating aesthetically beautiful housing for the light sources themselves. German lighting company Organic Lights has taken not just style, but function even further with their OLED lamps.

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OLED lighting is definitely next-gen lighting-when compared to other light sources, OLED lighting has a spectral power distribution closest to natural sunlight. With an exceptionally high Colour Rendering Index (CRI), its light is emotionally comforting and ideal for locations where good quality lighting is needed and natural light unavailable.


OLED is also extremely eco-friendly, no mercury or other hazardous substances are used in the manufacture of OLEDs, which make them attractive to architects wishing to have a higher green rating in their projects.


Compared to traditional light sources, OLEDs consume very little energy. Considering that the average household uses 10% of its electricity for artificial lighting, OLEDs have great potential to reduce consumption and therefore reduce electricity bill.


The ultra-light and flexible materials used for the OLED panel weighs just a few grams, enabling endless design possibilities not seen before. Furthermore, the natural diffused light allows open use of the light source; ideal for applications with a minimum distance between the light source and the observer.


OLEDs also produce very little heat (

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