Jaime Hayon designs a decorative take on the spotlight for &Tradition

Jaime Hayon designs a decorative take on the spotlight for &Tradition

Danish design house &Tradition, has teamed up with Spanish designer Jaime Hayon to create a series of spotlight-inspired wall and ceiling lamps. 02_&tradition

Jaime Hayon’s Passepartout Lamps for &Tradition were designed to be a more decorative take on the often overlooked spotlight

The lamps use built-in LED technology that offer a high level of energy-efficient and light emission, while emitting an even glow of light in the surrounding space. The Passepartout Lamps can be used singularly, or installed in clusters using the different colours and shapes available.


The Lamp comes in three models, two larger domed lamps with the option of a smaller, tapering cylindrical one. Available in a matte white, satin polished brass or polished aluminum, the Passepartout add a subtle ornamental edge to private or architectural interiors alike.


For more information contact info@andtradition.com or visit www.andtradition.com

About the manufacturer: Danish design company &tradition was established in 2010 with the ethos of being tradition tied to innovation. Their distinctive library of furniture and lighting spans from the 1930s to the present day, with designs by internationally renowned designers including Arne Jacobsen and Jørn Utzon.

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