At Salone: Andrea Claire Studio debuts with the Pisces collection of Ocean-Inspired Lights

At Salone: Andrea Claire Studio debuts with the Pisces collection of Ocean-Inspired Lights

Andrea Claire’s Pisces fixtures put me in mind of a museum.

Pisces fixture on dark blue/black background

Not an art museum, mind you, but rather a museum of history and science, one in which a painstaking re-creation of a giant blue whale looms overhead, nearly camouflaged in the cavernous space above with its moody blue lighting.

ethereal lighting fixture with curvy ocean shape

Andrea Claire’s moody blues stem from the designers admiration of the ocean, and, more specifically, her life-long love affair with surfing.

Sconce and pendant with hand visible

These luminous fixtures of brass, glass, and fiberglass capture the free-flowing movement endemic to the ocean and all things that come in contact with it. Two of the fixtures—the Hilbers and McTavish chandeliers—are an homage to famed surfboard designers Brian Hilbers and Bob McTavish: “With floating brass and pale aqua-hued fiberglass forms, they create wave-like elements that seamlessly mimic the movement of ocean waves and reflect the sun and the sky’s sunlit hues.”

Detail of Pisces chandelier with an element curved like a surfboard

The fluid forms also evoke ocean vegetation: the undulating figure of kelp forests swaying in the ever-fickle current, with “the mesmerizing ebb and flow of glowing blades dancing just below the surface.”

Andrea Claire on sofa in room with Pisces chandelier overhead

The collection also highlights designer Claire’s commitment to the health of our ecosystems. Through 1% for the planet, Andrea Claire Studio will donate 1% of profits to oceanic conservation and the preservation of kelp forests.

Swell Chandelier in front of fireplace

Read more at Andrea Claire Studio.

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