Jaime Hayon’s Silhouette Rug: An Artistic Tour De Force

Jaime Hayon’s Silhouette Rug: An Artistic Tour De Force

Jaime Hayon is a Spaniard through and through, at least in regards to his artistic disposition, as illustrated in the Silhouette Rug.

Nanimarquina Silhouette Rug view from above with Mexican Tile floor beneath and adjacent pile of firewood

With Silhouette, for Nanimarquina, the designer pays homage not only to individual artists, but also to whole artistic movements, made foundational in Spain in the early part of the 20th. Century.

Nanimarquina Silhouette Rug oriented vertically

This is evinced strongly in the formal strategy behind the new piece, “the silhouettes of several imaginary characters that intertwine and coexist in a beautiful composition,” thus giving general credit to Cubism and particularly to the sideways faces of Picasso.

Nanimarquina Silhouette Rug close up showing face that looks like Salvador Dalí

But there’s also a debt to the whimsical and wonderful line drawings of Joan Miró, as well as to the Surrealist work of Salvador Dalí—whose very visage, to my eyes, can be seen in the right-hand corner.

Silhouette Rug with depiction of Salvador Dalí in right-hand corner

Silhouette is available for indoor or outdoor use. The former is made in Pakistan using the laborious Kilim embroidery process, “adding texture and a soft volume that emphasizes the sinuousness of the illustration.” The outdoor version is 100% recycled PET fiber.

Nanimarquina Silhouette Rug in front of home with glass and steel walls and doors

Multiple sizes are available. The indoor version can also be hung vertically as a tapestry. See Nanimarquina to find out more.

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