Carnegie Fabrics Launches A New Line Of Embossed Fabrics

Carnegie Fabrics Launches A New Line Of Embossed Fabrics

Xorel Between the Lines is the latest range from textile innovators, Carnegie Fabrics

fragment colourways

Xorel Between the Lines by Carnegie Fabrics is a line of sustainable fabrics, embossed using graphic patterns

Comprising three collections, the new line offers sustainable fabrics, embossed using graphic patterns to create the feeling of depth while adding texture, suitable for wall coverings, upholstery and wall panels.

kaleidoscope colourways

The Kaleidoscope collection features a symmetrical linear pattern, giving the illusion of floating shapes. The fabric is 100% IFR, PVC-free, inherently antibacterial and available in eight contemporary color ways.


The Fractal Emboss line also uses geometry to create architectural patterns, with an understated 3D illusion. Similarly to the Kaleidoscope range, the fabric is 100% IFR, PVC-free and antibacterial, but in contrast is available in a more bold color palette featuring blue, yellow and black.


Completing the collection, Fragment Emboss is decorated using an irregular geometric motif in a diagonal grid, a more sophisticated pattern for walls and upholstery. The range is offered in a neutral color palette using an award-winning PVC-free plant-based textile, Biobased Xorel.

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About the manufacturer: Founded in 1950, Carnegie is manufacturer of textiles in North America, specializing in producing innovative fabrics while still being environmentally conscious, establishing themselves as the first and only PVC free interior textile company in the industry.

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