Keilhauer Debuts Four New Textiles

Keilhauer Debuts Four New Textiles

Keilhauer has launched four new textiles that are inspired by both current and contemporary design trends.

Allegra utilizes three yarns to create a woven pattern that gives the surface of the textile a freckled appearance, while Lavoro uses a unique weaving technique that creates a subtle 3D effect on the fabric.

Merkat draws inspiration from the sights and atmosphere of a bustling and vibrant Turkish bazaar and features rich tones and detailed textures. Finally, Town is a collection of 13 complementary colors and hues that are woven together and designed to work in harmony.

As with many of the Toronto-based contract furniture manufacturer’s textile offerings, the new fabrics feature post-consumer recycled polyester, making them a sustainable yet stylish option for interiors.

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