Put A Bird On It: Lighting Trend

Put A Bird On It: Lighting Trend

Adding a touch of whimsy to these contemporary lighting designs, the bird motif continues to inspire designers,

ingo maurer

Known as one of Ingo Maurer's most notable designs, the Birdie chandelier features twelve winged bulbs, attached using twisting tin-plated copper wires.

marc dibeh

This tabletop bird inspired Love The Bird lamp by Marc Dibeh changes color, glowing a yellow when the bird is inserted, then turning red when it is removed.


zhili liu

Appropriately titled Birds, Shanghai designer Zhili Liu has created a range of lights that effectively mimic the animals by the slight angling of simple Bakelite sockets.


The Twee T lamp by Jake Phipps for Casamania exists as a modern take on the past tradition of keeping a canary in your home, and is available in black and gold.

 ff 202

Designed as a contemporary urban souvenir, the Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter draws it's inspiration directly from the city bird, with a clip allowing it to be attached to a peg for wall lighting, or clipped onto it's wire for horizontal surfaces.

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