Ruckstuhl Debuts New Rugs Made From Plant Fibers

Ruckstuhl Debuts New Rugs Made From Plant Fibers

Ruckstuhl's latest collection of carpets is made using a plant fiber from Colombia called 'fique'.

2 Maglia Colorit Nr. 10270 © Ruckstuhl

The Maglia rugs are knitted from plant fibers by hand using large knitting needles

Found in Colombia and similar to coir or cotton, the fibers are extracted from the fleshy leaves of the Agave plant and are more typically used to make coffee sacks or coarse agricultural yarns.

7 Maglia Colorit Nr. 60349 © Ruckstuhl

For the new 'Maglia' collection, Ruckstuhl worked in partnership with a manufacturer in Colombia who spun the robust fique fibers into 30 different colors of yarn that were then knitted into rugs by hand using large knitting needles.

8 Maglia Colorit Nr. 10275 © Ruckstuhl

Each rug is made using up to seven different colors of yarn and custom color combinations are available on request. In addition, the irregularity of the material means that each rug is unique.


In 2014 the collection was awarded with a ‘Good Design Award’ from the Chicago Anthenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the ‘Best of Best’ in the floor, wall and ceiling category of the Interior Innovation Award, 2015 granted by the German Council.

12 Maglia Colorit Nr. 10290 © Ruckstuhl

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About the manufacturer: Based in Langenthal, Switzerland, the carpet manufacturing company Ruckstuhl has become internationally famous for its top-quality textile floor coverings. Ruckstuhl sums up its philosophy as follows: 'Since 1881 we have been committed to the highest quality standards, an aesthetic approach to materials combined with a rigorous adherence to ecological requirements.' In keeping with this, the company processes natural and renewable raw materials into objects of cultural value. Its top- quality natural fibre carpets and rugs are equally suitable for domestic settings and for the contract sector. Effective acoustic panels complete the assortment. A family-run business, Ruckstuhl markets its products in Europe, the USA and the Far East. The company has showrooms in Milan, Paris and New York. 

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