Double Dome: Lighting Trend

Double Dome: Lighting Trend

These contemporary lighting designs playfully reimagine the traditional dome-shaped lamp by doubling up on diffusers. 

Double Dome_Lighting_Trend_Crescent-Light by Lee Broom_1

Launched in Milan this year, Lee Broom’s Crescent lamp resembles a glowing sphere that has been sliced in half. The two halves join together, slightly off-kilter, revealing a brushed-brass fascia within.

Double Dome_Lighting_Trend_Dan Yeffet for WonderGlass

Also launched in Milan, Dan Yeffet’s Calimero lamp for WonderGlass is made up of two interlocking shades – one copper and one hand blown glass.


Double Dome_Lighting_Trend_Exhibit-lamp by-Mejd

The Exhibit lamp by MEJD Studio features two spun brass domes – one facing upwards that functions as a bowl while the other, facing downwards, is a lamp. Positioned one on top of the other, the domes are held in place by a rectangular brass frame.

Double Dome_Lighting_Trend_Synapse by Apparatus

Made up of two halves, the disjointed form of the Synapse lamp by New York-based lighting brand Apparatus was inspired by the mechanics of neural synapses.

Double Dome_Lighting_Trend_ecclise_Vico-Magistretti_Artemide

Originally designed by Vico Magistretti for Italian lighting brand Artemide in 1967, the Eclisse is a design classic made up of a rotating inner shade that 'eclipses' the light source to provide partial or total diffusion

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