Patient-Centric Lighting

Patient-Centric Lighting

H.E. Williams recently completed a comprehensive lighting strategy and installation at Virginia Hospital Center’s 4th floor patient unit.

H.E. Williams patient lighting  patient room

The space features human-centric lighting throughout, in patient rooms, corridors, and reception areas, as shown with the PX Wallwasher below—providing soft, even, ambient lighting that’s not only more pleasant but also safer.

H.E. Williams patient lighting corridor with recessed lighting

The MX4d continuous suspended flat lens recessed fixture is ideal for this alcove, matching the plank style of the ceiling feature for a uniform aesthetic.

H.E. Williams patient lighting alcove with linear recessed lighting

But the real centerpiece of the space is the MX4dr 4.5″ round downlight. This is state-of-the-art patient lighting that improves the healing experience: patients control type, direction, and intensity, for a level of control that enhances comfort and improves rest.

H.E. Williams patient lighting patient room

Find out more at H.E. Williams.

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